On Raising Daughters

​Let’s have a practical and realistic conversation about what’s happening to the girls and young women in this country. In the era of Trump being our president-elect, we’ve got to take this seriously and address it before it’s too late. It may already be, I can’t be sure, but that won’t stop me from trying to raise my daughter the proper way. I’ve never been one for physical violence, bit my daughter will be taught how to protect herself in case anyone ever tries to grab her, take advantage of her, or force themselves on her. I hate to raise her into thinking that there are bad people everywhere, but I’d be doing her a huge disservice to allow her to think that everyone is good and no one will hurt you. We all deserve better than that.

Raise your sons to know never to touch a woman inappropriately, think about their future friends, girlfriends, wives, and potentially daughters. We’ve gotten to a point where it’s easier to make excuses for why girls are mistreated than for why boys are mistreating them. Our society is struggling greatly to see the severity of our actions, but we’ve gotta address the impact it’s truly having. We’ve gotta take responsibility as parents, something our generation’s parents failed miserably at, and recognize the fact that this is much more than just another nature vs nurture argument we’re facing right now. While there is valid points for either nature or nurture, I’m choosing to believe that I can nurture my daughter into knowing the truth of what’s out there, that not everyone is raised by parents who worry about the future of our country, that not everyone is a good person.


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