There’s nothing with perfect symmetry; from branches on trees to tectonic plates, to the cracks in your heart, the uneven breaks in which life has caused a million times. There’s no time for tears, yet I can’t stop crying and trying to unveil the unevenness I feel when I attempt to explain what I see in my head. I always feel uneasy with my thoughts when I’m alone, and I haven’t figured out how to suppress them, to ignore. I’m struggling to figure out just how to shift my thoughts from my regrets into a new era of positivity, I’ve been trying to for what feels like an eternity. Uneven can’t even begin to explain just how uneven my life seems, I’ve never hurt another soul, but I’m always feeling defeated. I tell myself that karma’s coming, that it’s coming back around to repay me for how much I’ve done for everyone else. It’s time I focus energy on myself instead of others, the only one I’ll put before me is my daughter who deserves better than some sad, depresses, pathetic mom who hides to cry, shallower with shame.



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