Am I capable of changing my fate or the way the world operates? Is it possible to figure out just what it is I’m meant to do, who I’m meant to be, only time will tell. Am I strong enough to persevere and be sincere to myself? Will I ever be enough to take care of myself, and will I ever comprehend that the means don’t justify the end? Is it stupid to believe that happiness is possible, that with this pain I will find comfort, that I’ll get out of this dungeon? I’m trapped behind these walls, but they’ve been keeping me safe from all the other ways that life can come your way and destroy what you’ve built, a tragedy and still you feel that you deserve it so you chalk it up again. Without a voice, without a choice, without a will to keep surviving, I’m not as tough, can’t give enough, I’m barely staying conscious. It’s hard for me to see, I’m stuck without relief, forever overwhelmed by pain and chasing happiness.

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