The filter of the world today, Instagram, Snapchat, selfies taken in vain. I can’t fathom living this way, full of ego, ignoring dismay. I’m shocked that life goes on this way, but our generation is desperate. They feed on others’ attention, scared to search for true affection. But I would rather be alone, stuck inside my lonely home, than put myself out there that way, asking for attention that I can’t take. My mind’s unfiltered, smothered with remorse and regret from all the lives I couldn’t change. So many people left unphased by the misery around the world, the struggles our children are going through. But I’ve chosen another view, to take pictures in my mind, to keep them in view. The only pictures I’d like to keep are those of my daughter as she grows into herself, as she figures out who she is, as she develops into someone else. Let’s give more value to what we have, it’s the only way to fully appreciate it.


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