Automatic pilot, life’s passing by, flying off the handles, escaping my third eye. Impossible to comprehend how things could go from here, will I finally let it all go, or will I let it win? Gonna take a deep breath, hold it all in, find a way to let myself believe again. Begin again, I’ve tried a thousand times, wondering why I can’t figure it out. Most people know just what to do to make themselves feel better and brand new, but here I am, a fucking mess, wishing it was easier to pretend that my life will ever reach the end, but instead I’ll focus on what I’ve got, a side of depression mixed with bad luck.


4 thoughts on “Automatic

  1. Well! The only thing I can say is – step back, look at yourself and say TODAY is the DAY to forget what happened yesterday and start fresh today! It’s easy to say BUT hard to do! BUT it’s for YOU!

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