Quitters Never Win

Optimism, pessimism, realism. What is the real difference between these points of view? For me, this is all basically still the nature vs nurture argument, are we products of our environments, or are we truly independent beings with the ability to change our cognitive thinking? Is it possible to overcome depression and it’s symptoms without medication and therapy? If I’ve always been depressed, and neither of those things have ever helped, then how am I supposed to be different? Misery is mostly all I’ve ever known, sometimes there’s solace in it, other times I’ve tried desperately to get away. But now I’m stuck with no way out.


9 thoughts on “Quitters Never Win

      1. Actually that’s my question too, I’ll have the link for you when I go to my computer so you can do it that way. You have to comment on their worksaying they are nominated.


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