Right to Health

This is an issue I’ll argue for until I’m blue in the face, until all the breath has left my body, and it’s something that I’m beyond passionate about because it’s something I’ve personally suffered because of. Bernie Sanders is the true hero of this debate, the champion of my heart, he’s the first politician to put this at the head of his platform, universal healthcare, a right for all. When you’re a product of the system, a welfare baby, a kid who turns 18 in foster care, you get a more real experience of what it’s like to be poor, to have nothing, to have no one, but they do promise you healthcare, because they at least want you to feel taken care of in that most basic regard.

We’ve reached a point in this country where money rules everything, greed and selfishness controls us, it consumes us, especially the ones who already possess money. Instead of allocating tax breaks to the big businesses and being frivolous, we should find ways to spend more efficiently and to use it for what is truly what’s most important. What’s more important than promising that everyone will be cared for in a compassionate and humane way, that people won’t have to forgo the medical care they need to increase and enhance their quality of life. People deserve to be provided with healthcare, regardless of their race, class, gender, or not having parents that can provide for you.


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