Comedy in Marriage

This isn’t like anything I’ve done before, and I’ve never really expressed my interest in this particular art to anyone before. I’ve always fancied myself a remotely, if not relatively funny person, being modest, I believe. So recently I decided to try writing out some jokes for the first time in seemingly forever, and I thought, what better place to test the water than here? Here goes, I hope you all enjoy!


My husband, like most of the man children we all married, still at the age of 30 gets incredibly violent and feral when it comes to losing or fucking up while he’s playing video games, or any type of game really. This time he just so happened to be playing F1, which I’m sure only the men in the house tonight will know of, because it’s a completely sexist sport with virtually zero women in the field, visible or behind the scenes. Dammit, my feminism’s showing, oops. So anyways, he’s playing this car simulation game & basically keeps running straight into the wall at the same turn. Here’s how the conversation played out.

Josh: Why am I so stupid, baby?

Me: *Shrugs*

Josh: You don’t have to answer, you can plead the 5th. *Laughing*

Me: I didn’t really know what to say anyways ’cause I can’t relate…

See, now while we both had a good ole laugh, we were most definitely not laughing at the same thing. You gotta pick your battles in marriage, and since I was feeling generous, I let him have that one. All bullshit aside, my husband is the best I could’ve ever asked or hoped for, but he is certainly far from the sharpest tool in the shed, speaking of which, he can’t even use tools for shit. Should’ve stuck with the brightest crayon in the box metaphor. Sorry baby, but I still love ya.


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