Creative Writing Prompt #3

They sat shoulder to shoulder on the beach, willing the sunset to last just one second longer, knowing that it has already come to an end. This great adventure they embarked on so long ago has finally reached the point of resolution, and they must now decide their own fate from here on out. No more blind dependence on one another, no more partner in crime, no one else to assign blame for their actions other than themselves.

While the love they share is true and deep, their priorities haven’t been aligned in ages, and they both felt the time had arrived for them to finally put themselves first, rather than each other. Neither of them ever thought this day would come, and while a certain sadness circled them in the cool breeze above, there was also a silent moment of relief they both felt. It wasn’t verbally acknoeledged, but the look they exchanged said enough.

It wasn’t that they fell out of love, but they realized that love isn’t what had been keeping them together, but more it was the fear of what comes next. Not altogether abnormal, but for these two it was unknown territory, unchartered waters. Some things in life forever remain a mystery, sometimes it haunts you. Yet here they were, together, and yet they had already fallen apart.


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