No Justice, No Peace

There’s no justice in this world, no country cares to feed its poor. She said “no child left behind”, as she crossed her fingers out of sight. The lies we’re told and tell ourselves are detrimental to everyone else. Everyone thinks they’ve had to suffer, and if you’re wealthy, its most unlikely. There are children predisposed to stress, born to parents who couldn’t care less, doomed to roam the streets in loneliness. Yet no one thinks of them in the ways I do, I know how they feel, been in their shoes. I feel such grief for every single child who grows up without a mother & father. One’s better than nothing, I would agree, but love from both parents helps, I’ve seen. Now worry not, there’s still a chance to do the right thing, to lend a hand. Let’s show these kids that we do care, help me help them feel like people again.


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