Fostering Life

The following is something I’ve written for a non-profit organization I hope to start one day to help support foster kids.

Mission Statement:

Advocacy, Resources, Support, & Understanding for all foster children.

Vision Statement:

In order to properly address the needs of the foster children in our communities, we must first be willing to accept the fact that most of their struggles are caused by the overwhelming flaws in every aspect of every system. These issues that they face are because they are in dire need of more advocates, more allies, more assistance, and of the utmost importance, these children need to feel understood. We’ve reached a point of crisis, we currently have more children in need of homes than there are families currently willing or able to help. We are facing the worst addiction rates, the highest overdose rates, and these play an imminent part in the number of foster children. There is substantial evidence of correlation between addiction and people being unable or unwilling to care for their children. The sooner we acknowledge the truth, that so many things can be changed, fixed, and improved upon, only then can we attempt to find a better solution.


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