When love and fear collide for the first time, it makes us feel more alive, forces us to question everything we ever thought we knew. Even though the first glimmer from the rising sun may seem dim, it will fill the skies with light just as you fill my life with love. I’ve been many people, seen many things, but nothing I’ve ever felt has been more real than this. The moment you came into my life, the first time I held you, the first time you hugged me, those were the moments that my heart was first alive, that I felt true and lasting love. Those are moments I’ll never forget, my only regret is not snapping more pics.

Being your mother may not have been my choice, but I’m honored that it’s me because you’re my everything. There’s a never ending worry, fear, that creeps up on me late at night – worries that I’ll never be enough. But when those moments come, I try my best to remind myself that you are a little piece of me, and that you’ll always love me unconditionally. Things get hard, I won’t deny, sometimes I fail before I try, but I’ll always have you by my side, at least I hope, until the end of my time. Thank you for teaching my heart to let love in, for now it inhabits me. For my beautiful Coraline Jayde.


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