You never asked, I didn’t offer, you left me feeling beaten, battered. The words replay inside my head, won’t let me sleep when I lay in bed. The sheets still stink of pure resentment, I’d toss them out but won’t give you the satisfaction. Scattered all across my home are little reminders of what I survived; the hole in the wall, the broken front door, the crack in the tile floor where it all went haywire. I’ve become jaded, I’m not unscathed, still carrying around all the awful things you’ve said. You’re the voice in the back of my mind that can’t be ignored, no matter how hard I’ve implored. You took from me my innocence, you robbed from me my youth, you stripped me down to just bare bones and left me on the ground. Yet after everything that you have done, I’ve still failed to get you out of my life. Is it fate or coincidence, is it a curse or meant to be, will you always be the downfall of me?


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