Explaining My Absence

Sometimes life can be so incredibly overwhelming that even venting and writing about our problems can be difficult. Lately, life has been kicking me while I’m down, seemingly one terrible thing after another continues to happen, and I met my breaking point. As someone without many friends, venting isn’t really something I do with anyone other than my husband and with you, my readers. I know there aren’t many of you who follow me, but those of you whom have regularly read my posts have given me a boost of confidence when I’ve needed it, and I hope you’ll be there for me once again. I’m going to attempt to force myself to get back on here, to find some new prompts and topics to discuss that I’ve maybe haven’t touched base on before. With the holidays and end of the year quickly approaching, it’s time I start trying to figure out exactly who I wanna be next year and for the rest of my life. So welcome back, those of you reading, and thank you for following.


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