Mentors Throughout Life

Every single one of us has come across people who’ve changed the course of your life, people who have inspired you and left a bigger impact on your life than you yourself could’ve ever anticipated. For me personally, high school would’ve been substantially more difficult without the unwavering support and understanding I felt from my teachers and my guidance counselor. While they’re the typical mentors kids look up to in school, for me they were so much more. As a lonely kid living in a strange new home with literal strangers, it was comforting to know that my time spent in school would allow me to depend on those people, and I leaned on them incredibly hard. I’ve tried in the years since graduating to reach out, to let them know how much they meant, to really tell them the permanent impact they had on me as a person, so much so that I still strive to make them proud to this day, despite the fact that we don’t speak.

If you or someone you know is struggling, is alone or depressed, do them and yourselves the biggest favor you could possibly offer, be supportive and seek out the support that you need. Never be ashamed of feeling the way you do, don’t let that stop you from expressing yourself, for you never know whose guidance could lead you down the path you’re meant to follow for the rest of your life. I can honestly say that I have no regrets about opening up to them, and they truly helped change the course of my life. Any little piece of wisdom or advice could be enough to pull yourself back off the ledge. Allow yourself to be helped, and allow yourself to help others when possible.


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