Far From Average

Do you ever find yourself thinking you’re different than the rest? When you see people being hateful, do you fail to comprehend? There’s parts of me that still believe I’m nothing, that I’m no one; yet there’s another side of me that I don’t let myself show often. I’ve always felt as though no one truly ever understands, I form the words, they come out right, but they still don’t seem to blend. The harsh reality of the world we see can shake us to our core, it’s made me question who I am, and what life has in store.

Don’t be afraid to give yourself some much overdue credit, allow yourself to feel as though you can rise above it. You’re entitled to appreciate the work that you’ve put in, you strive and strive and try so hard to make sure you’re conscientious. Even if there’s no one else to notice your hard work, give yourself a pat on the back, because you are worth the work. While judgment is considered to be a negative trait, sometimes we need to judge ourselves to put us in our place.


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