Seeking Advice

To my amazing followers, I’ve one quite a few searches and read blogs and articles about it, but I’m still having an issue figuring out how to gain some more traction on my blog. If any of you could please offer any insight or advice, it would be so greatly appreciated! I’m off all other social media for reasons I won’t get into, so that kinda has me stumped on how else to spread the word. I’ve been following more bloggers on here as well and interacting with more posts trying to find others who can relate to my words the way I’m drawn to theirs. Thanks in advance!


3 thoughts on “Seeking Advice

  1. I also don’t have other social media accounts so I feel your pain in trying to attract more traffic to your blog.

    The only advice I have is stay active in the community like you have been doing. The Daily Post on wordpress also hosts a thing called Community Pool often (not sure if you have heard of it) but basically they ask for bloggers to comment and share a blog they want feedback on. This helps promote your blog more and hence will attract more readers and through that hopefully you will find people who can relate.

    Their most recent community blog post I believe if you are interested and never seen it before.

    It also really helps to add tags to your posts. This is because people will search keywords of stuff they are interested in or can relate to in the search menu on wordpress. It filters by tags. If you are unsure how to do this I will share the steps in case.

    1. On the side of your blog templates (where you write/add a new blog post) there is a settings menu it. It is on the top right hand side looks like a screw or wheely thingy and reads “Post Settings” next to it. Click it.
    2. Click on the “Categories & Tags” and it will bring down the options menu for categories and tags.
    3. In the ‘Tags’ box add tags by typing a tag and as soon as you click enter I think it creates a tag and separates it so you can do more than one tag.
    4. If you are not sure what good tags are or whatever it is basically the main keywords of what your blogs are about. An example could be I write a lot of blogs about Aspergers or autism so I tag a lot of my blogs with “Asperger Syndrome” “ASD” “Autism” and so fourth. If someone who has autism or is interested and want to search blogs about autism when they go to search these keywords my blog or blogs can show up because of my tags.

    Hopefully this makes sense. if I think of anymore help I will let you know. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much! I knew the daily post had other things than just the daily prompts but it was all kinda confusing for me. Tags are new to me as well but I have been working on using them on every post recently. I very much appreciate the time you took to share that all with me, thanks again! ☺

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